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Mr. Spider-head

After the close of the Great Darkness of 1999, reports of a bizarre entity terrorizing a small community in Killarney, Manitoba became national news.  It all began in the summer of 2002, when several residents reported the discovery of large holes punctuating their backyards.  When local authorities finally investigated the claims, they quickly realized that what they were looking at was much more than a simple case of destruction of property.  Specifically, each hole was stuffed with a veritable menagerie of desiccated animals, which included missing neighborhood pets and a wide array of wildlife; all of which were found in varying states of decay.  But perhaps most disturbing was that each carcass was wrapped in a tapestry of thick webbing, as if they’d been spun into a cocoon…and then drained of all their juices by some sort of gigantic spider.

In addition to the bizarre “burrows” being dug into residents’ lawns, sightings of a peculiar man loitering in those same areas began to pour in.  Descriptions of a tall, gangly man wearing a long duster and whistling old nursery rhymes began to circulate throughout the community.   In fact, his presence seemed to foreshadow the appearance of the aforementioned holes: anytime police received word of a sighting, they could be sure the next day would bring hours of sifting through webbing and drained animal corpses. 

However, as time went on, sightings of the man became more bizarre: one story had eight long and spindly legs extending out from the strange man’s coat, which he used to quickly scuttle up the side of a neighbor’ house, and disappear beneath the shade of a crumbling chimney.   Another account has the weird man trying to break through a heating vent in a local resident’s living room, where a little girl claimed to have seen the crooked grin of a hideous “bug man” pressing his face against the grate. In this last account, the eight legs were reported sprouting from the sides of the man-monster’s head, and framed the image of the strange entity, leading to the fashioning of the name the creature would be remembered by: Mr. Spider-head.

However, none of these instances compare to the events of September 26, 2002, which resulted in the disappearance of a six-year-old boy, Toby Meyers, from his home.  At approximately two that morning, the father, Alfred Meyers, claimed to have heard sounds echoing up from the bottom of his house.  Upon reaching the cellar stairway, Mr. Meyers said he heard a muffled scream, and a barrage of loud “thuds.”  He rushed down the steps, concerned that something might be wrong, and entered the dank spaces of his basement. He was greeted by a scene of unparalleled horror: There, dangling out from a small rusted pipe, was Meyer’s son, frantically kicking his legs in an attempt to escape whatever it was that had him.  Mr. Meyers desperately tried to pull his boy out from the pipe, but he quickly saw his son disappear into the emptiness the drainage pipe, wrenched from his grip by something that moved through the deepest darkness, and left webs and dried corpses in its wake.  According to the boy’s father, the last thing he heard were the fading words to “itsy bitsy spider,” echoing out from the blackness.  Toby Meyer’s body was never found, and the dreadful “Mr. Spider-head” was never seen again.



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