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An Excerpt from the Weird Book, Chapter 4: Those Who Dwell in the Houses of Darkness

Although tales concerning this group go back further than the Great Darkness, rumors concerning their presence became far more prolific after its passing. Not much can really be said about this mythical group, except that its members are said to possess beaming cobalt eyes and are known to cover their faces with ornate, pallid masks. While these beings appear only rarely, they always seem to be accompanied by strange, out-of-place houses (only seen at night) constructed entirely from solid shadow. Those that have attempted to visit these “shadow houses” claim that the structures move further away as would-be visitors attempt to draw near them, always remaining distant.

There have only been a small handful of sightings of these beings. The most notable occurrence took place in a small Russian town named Kashin, where a “Museum of Darkness”—museums that showcase artifacts of the Great Darkness—was broken into. According to witnesses, a K-9 unit responded to the call and entered the building, at which point multiple people claimed to have seen a tall, dark figure with a mask confront the officer. The eyes behind the mask were said to have momentarily glowed a dim blue, which subsequently released a horrible flood of screams. After a few moments passed, a horrible fusion of dog and man shambled out from the museum and began attacking the large crowd that had gathered outside. After mauling several of Kashin’s citizens, the creature was eventually shot dead and burned for fear it might come back from the dead. Days later, the entire museum burned down, mysteriously. Museum officials never revealed the identity of the stolen artifact.