First and foremost, I am an artist. Everything else is but provision. Yes, I murder. No, that is not my objective. While I may kill, it is life that I seek to create. My art is not death, but killing is the only way to achieve the desired effect. This distinction may be lost on you. It should be. The Deadworld would have it no other way. However, should I succeed at my undertaking, you will not need to dwell upon this bit of confusion, for all will be apparent (apparent as a dream broken loose from sleep, victorious in its war against waking).

Of course, you’ve chosen to fixate upon that portion of my résumé that deals only with murder. I assure you, it’s merely a small and parenthetical consequence of my art, nothing more. It’s my art that should concern you. However, I must admit, my art is no more than the ramblings of paint, clay, and graphite that you would encounter in any place where art resides (certainly, there are those of you who might fervently disagree with that comparison, and for reasons that amount to a total lack of vision). My efforts differ only because I know the truth behind my work: art is merely the corpse of a dream.

10 thoughts on “About…The Family Man

    1. Hi, thanks for the question! I’m afraid there is no link between our Family Man and the one in Hellblazer (just a weird coincidence that their both serial killers). Our Family Man was given his name because he uses the bones of his murdered family as killing instruments. He is obsessed with dreams and turns his victims into pieces of “art” based on “visions” he receives while he sleeps. He believes that, one day, his actions might cause the world of dreams to invade and destroy the banality of our current reality. Thanks again for the questions, we hope you enjoy the story!


  1. I stumbled across this page on Facebook some time ago and just recently took time to dive deeper into it. I like it a lot. I am an artist as well. A musician. I was wondering would it be possible to do a song about your story? If you want emailme bbecause idk if it will let me know if you reply

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  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! We really like your site as well and look forward to more posts! We’re really happy that you’ve taken an interest and hope that you stick with us!


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